Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a comprehensive list of answers to some of the most frequent questions nativemedia receives. If we have not addressed a question you may have, please let us know.

How do I subscribe to an NativeFeeds data feed?

Visit our website and select the subscription plan you wish to buy. Do not forget to select the country data feed you require before selecting the plan. Confirm your chosen plan and go to "Account Setup" page to create your account.

If your chosen plan is the Monthly Subscription Plan, you will be directed to the Payment Page. If you choose our RevShare Subscription Plan, you will be directed to My Account. Kindly, visit our Contact Page for our Hourly Subscription Plan.

What feed formats are available on NativeFeeds?

Subscribers can choose from JSON, XML, or CSV to download their feed. We recommend using JSON or XML because these formats will make it easier for your site to adopt new features as we add them.

What includes in NativeFeeds coupon feeds?

NativeFeeds includes a Merchant Name, Merchant ID, Category Name, Category ID, Deal ID, Deal Type, Deal Start Date, Deal End Date, Deal Title, Deal Content, Featured Offer, Network ID, DeepLink URL and Merchant Logo: Image (120px*60px).

How many merchants are in NativeFeeds feeds?

NativeFeeds currently supports over 3000 merchants from more than 10 Affiliate Networks and we add a number of prominent and promising merchants every month.

How many categories NativeFeeds offers data for?

NativeFeeds is directly connected with the most prominent Affiliate Networks across Asia, allowing us to de-dupe and select from as many as 150 main categories, 600 Sub-categories, and over 170 sub-sub categories.

Does NativeFeeds categorize every coupon and deal?

Yes, every deal that goes into our deal database is categorized and assigned a deal type.

Do I have to join Affiliate Networks to receive NativeFeeds Data?

NativeFeeds has the technology and relationships to support our customers who subscribe to our RevShare program. You will be able to monetize our direct relationships with Affiliate Network using NativeFeeds Client/Affiliate ID. NativeFeeds lets monthly data subscribers set their own unique affiliate IDs either in the login or via an API request.

How many coupons and deals do you have?

Our experts are consistently adding new coupons and deals provided by advertisers and networks. The number of offers in our feed fluctuates daily. Subscribers can see the number of deals in the data feeds they receive.

How often is the feed updated?

Our Deal Experts work hard to update the deal datafeeds a real time. Our deal experts add hundreds of deals each hour to enable you to have all the latest offers on your site or blog. The recommended frequency of feed is one hour. However, Subscriber can send API request as many times as it wants.

Do NativeFeeds charge more based on the number of merchants?

NativeFeeds programs are dynamic in nature and affordable. Our subscription charges are not based on the number of the merchants, the number of the affiliate networks, or the number of categories you subscribe to.

Once our team of Deal Experts adds a deal, which is then usually available for download immediately.

Can I use different IDs for merchants on the same network?

In order to reduce the complexities, NativeFeeds provides you with the Affiliate Network ID when you subscribe to our RevShare program. For each network that you choose in RevShare Plan, you will be given a Unique Network ID.

Monthly Data Subscribers would provide NativeFeeds with their own Affiliate Network ID to use our datafeeds. The subscribers can manage their networks on “Network” page.

What if I don’t have an account at some of the networks you support?

It really doesn’t matter whether you are subscribed to Affiliate Networks or not if you subscribe to our RevShare plan. However, if you are going to use our Monthly Subscription Plan, you will provide us with your affiliate network ID.

Can I add all merchants?

NativeFeeds includes all merchants and networks in the feeds as standard. Customers are given the option to deselect any merchant or network from their data feeds.

How do I display the feed on my website?

Deal data feeds can be accessed via a powerful API in the XML/CSV/JSON formats. NativeFeeds issue a country wise APIKey after registration. For robust integration methods, kindly refer to the documentations provided on the “Developer” Page.

Where do I enter my affiliate network IDs?

It's quite simple. If you are subscribed to the Monthly Plan you will gain access to the customer login, where you can select networks (on the “Network” page) and add your own Affiliate ID.

I have stores on my site that are not in your feed. Can you add them?

NativeFeeds is committed to supporting as many high-value merchants as possible. Simply let us know using ‘Contact’ if you wish to recommend any merchant.

Does NativeFeeds feed work with WordPress?

Yes, NativeFeeds provides you with highly advanced WordPress plugin to ensure easy integration of our JSON or XML based feeds into your WordPress coupon site.

How do I make money from the coupons and deals you provide?

You can select either Monthly Subscription Plan or RevShare Plan to receive a constant flow of deals to your website. All you need is to promote your website to generate sell.

If you generate sell using NativeFeeds Monthly Subscription Plan, you will be paid commission directly by the affiliate network. However, if you choose our RevShare Subscription Plan, NativeFeeds shares a part of the revenue generated from the sales made through your website.

Do I receive 100% commission from NativeFeeds ?

If you have subscribed to the Monthly Plan you can earn 100% commission using NativeFeeds data feeds. All you need is to have an Affiliate Network ID of your own, provided by the Affiliate Network.

How do I get paid?

Earning is a cakewalk here at NativeFeeds for publishers.

If you are using our Monthly Subscription Plan, the Affiliate Networks would pay you for sales generated directly as we insert your own affiliate ID in the Deal URL.

If you opt for our RevShare Subscription Plan, you are not paying any fees upfront but in fact, receive a share of the revenue generated by using NativeFeeds deal data.

What payment methods do you accept?

So far, NativeFeeds supports PayPal. You will be able to pay for your feeds through PayPal. PayPal allows you multiple options to pay for your subscription.

When am I billed?

NativeFeeds will remind you through an email about the expiry of your subscription plan seven (7) days in advance. Payment is taken monthly from sign up. If you wish to cancel your subscription with the NativeFeeds , you will need to login and cancel the plan in advance. An invoice will be sent to you monthly, acknowledging your payment and continuation of the service.

How do you support your clients?

Our Tech Support Team is always ready to address the problem in the quickest possible time. Subscribers will be required to explain any problems in order that it can be resolved as quickly as possible.

Sign in on NativeFeeds into your account and visit our Contact Us page to generate the ticket. Our Technical staff will contact you as quickly as possible.

How do I report a technical problem with the feed?

Our Tech Support Team is always ready to address the problem in the quickest possible time. Subscribers require a few words explaining the problem and one click to inform us about the problem.

Sign in on NativeFeeds into your account and visit our Contact Us page to generate the ticket. Our Technical staff would swing into action and contact you as quickly as possible.

Do you have a demo of the feed in action?

NativeFeeds provides the opportunity to download a sample feed. The sample feed does not provide all data, but is used to illustrate the quality and content available.

Can I hire you to set up the feed on my website?

NativeFeeds is a content distribution platform. NativeFeeds uses easy-to-use yet technologically advanced technology to build and deliver high-quality deal datafeeds through robust API. Our simple yet sophisticated API formats; JSON, XML, and CSV, makes the entire integration process simple.

How can I report a problem with billing?

NativeFeeds is committed to resolving problems our subscribers face, whether related to billing, technical support or promoting deals, we are just an email away.

Simply login to your account, and visit the Contact Us page to let us know about the problem you are facing. Our friendly and skillful customer support staff would quickly respond to your query with a solution.