Asia’s leading native in-text advertising platform

Access thousands of brands and stores with a single sign up and implementation

Content Monetisation

The lightweight yet robust technology of NativeDeals aggregates advertisers from many performance-advertising networks to provide instant access to hundreds of brands and stores.

Our simple to integrate technology converts brand and category keywords within content into monetised opportunities. Each keyword is directed to the appropriate advertiser to maximise the revenue potential

  • A single sign up to access hundreds of advertisers
  • Real-time optimisation of keywords
  • In-text advertising automated to save time

Choose from a range of in-text advertising formats, to engage with your audience and increase the value of your content.

Comprehensive Reporting

Gain insight into the content and keywords driving click, leads and sales, including top performing advertisers. Select date periods to understand consumer trends and purchase intent over time. NativeDeals reporting allows you to:

  • Know what your audience loves
  • Understand audience purchases intent
  • Create content based on audience interest
  • Gain visibility on advertising revenue generated

Extensive Advertiser Database

NativeDeals provides a single account to access the entire affiliate programmes across APAC. NativeFinch aggregates campaigns from the leading affiliate and performance networks to maximise the potential from your content, whether it is travel, financial or retail focussed.

By signing up with NativeDeals you gain access to:

  • Hundreds of advertiser campaigns across APAC
  • Over 120 categories and 1000’s of monetised keywords
  • Intelligent keyword optimisation to increase earnings

Create compelling content

NativeDeals removes the manual editing required to convert keywords into in-text advertising links. The platform automatically converts brand, category and product keywords into monetised links, allowing you to focus on creating compelling content.

  • Save time with our automated in-text link advertising
  • No need to sign up to multiple affiliate networks
  • Focus on creating content for your audience
  • Gain access to reports on top user intent keywords


Minimize effort, maximize the value of your audience.

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