advanced deal content distribution platform

NativeFeeds is an advanced deal content distribution platform, combining over 350+ online stores from over 10 Affiliate Networks.

NativeFeeds builds and maximizes the revenue generation capabilities of international news media, discount and coupon sites, industry leading blogs, mobile application Developer, social networks, and shopping comparison apps.

NativeFeeds brings together the deal content from across the affiliate marketing landscape and consolidates, cleans, validates, standardises and transforms them into easy-to-use XML or JSON feed. Our simple yet robust content delivery system feeds your website with thousands of coupon codes, voucher codes, discount offers and exclusive deals.

Whether you choose to subscribe to the Monthly DataFeed, Partner DataFeed or Bespoke Deal Content services, NativeFeeds keeps your website updated round the clock with monetized content.

Rich and Robust API

NativeFeeds uses the most advanced technology to provide a rich and robust API. Subscribers can access the deal data in 3 easy-to-use API formats; XML, JSON, and CSV.

Seamless Access

NativeFeeds works consistently and efficiently with subscribers to provide seamless access to its central deal database. Add, remove, filter or organize your deal content by advertiser, category or country.

Quality Consistency

Our scalable architecture ensures the high availability of the content but also makes sure that there is no quality compromise. The NativeFeeds' knowledge system constantly segregates content, simplifies, cleans, categorizes, verifies and transforms into relevant deal data feeds. Subscribers need not refresh the entire database as NativeFeeds automates the content delivery.

Unique Affiliate Deeplinks

NativeFeeds lets monthly data subscribers set their own unique affiliate IDs either in the login or via an API request. This allows existing network relationships to continue, alongside the deal data provision services from NativeFeeds.

For partner subscribers, unique tracking and ID’s are provided enabling fully comprehensive and monetised deal data. Partners earn a revenue share from advertisers (typically on sale) and can view performance within their partner account. NativeFeeds manages the relationships with networks and advertisers to provide a single platform to access deal data.

High Volume, High Revenue

NativeFeeds covers the whole of Southeast Asia and India. The deal data coverage includes Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, and India. With this vast scope, NativeFeeds helps publishers generate more volume across the countries and therefore generate more revenue and profit.

Reporting and Payments

Partner subscribers have access to reporting to view performance, transactions and commission within their login. Payment is made once commission earned is paid from advertisers or networks.

Minimize effort, maximize the value of your audience.

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