NativeFinch is a content monetization platform built for publishers

Maximise the value of your content with native in-text advertising

Integrated Partners

Asia’s leading native in-text advertising platform

Access thousands of brands and stores with a single sign up and implementation

Content Monetisation

Comprehensive Reporting

Gain insight into the content and keywords driving click, leads and sales, including top performing advertisers. Select date periods to understand consumer trends and purchase intent over time. NativeFinch reporting allows you to:

  • Know what your audience loves
  • Understand audience purchases intent
  • Create content based on audience interest
  • Gain visibility on advertising revenue generated

Extensive Advertiser Database

Create compelling content

Monetize Through Audience Insight

NativeFinch provides purchase intent insight to help you understand which brands; stores and product related keywords are most popular.

NativeFinch provides click, lead and sale reporting, including commission earned from activity.

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